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What are the uses of sound absorbing plates in architecture

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1. Control the reverberation time of the sound quality of the hall, such as the concert hall, the cinema, the recording studio, the studio, the listening room, the conference room, the multi-function hall, the gymnasium, the auditorium, etc., generally by choosing the appropriate arrangement of the sound absorption materials to achieve the best reverberation time.

2. For some public transport buildings, such as airport waiting hall, station waiting room, dock waiting room and other buildings. It is necessary to broadcast the departure, arrival or delay time of aircraft, vehicles and ships constantly.

The ceiling and wall are appropriately arranged with sound-absorbing board materials. On the one hand, it can improve the clarity of broadcast information; On the other hand, it can reduce the noise of passengers and make the environment quieter.

3. Eliminate acoustic defects such as echo, harmony and focus in the hall. When the sound interval difference between the direct sound and the reflected sound reaches 17m, the time difference between the two sounds is 50ms, and the human ear can hear the echo. In some longer halls, the reflected sound of the back wall is easy to produce an echo near the seat area of the platform entrance.

It can be eliminated by arranging strong sound-absorbing panel material on the back wall. The building's curved back wall and domed roof create focus within the hall. If the original interior trapezoid is to be maintained, the focus of the hall can be eliminated by placing strong sound-absorbing materials on these interior surfaces.

4, improve the sound insulation of thin and thin board wall. Such as gypsum board, silicon calcium board, FC board, TK board and fireproof magnesium cement board and other thin board walls, in the sandwich filled with porous sound absorbing materials such as glass wool, rock wool and mineral wool, can obviously improve the sound insulation effect of this kind of board walls.


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