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House insulation can not be separated from rock wool board

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Rock wool board is currently a kind of insulation refractory material widely used in the market. Perhaps we say that our understanding of rock wool board is too limited, and we do not know or have a more perceptual understanding of it. Then Xiaobian says that a concept is estimated that you will suddenly see the light. You can think about it, the weather is getting colder and colder, although there is no heating inside the room, but you still feel much warmer inside the room? In fact, the outside of many buildings are used rock wool board or glass wool felt, it can be said that the house insulation can not live without rock wool board, this statement is not empty talk.

The above picture shows the rockwool board. It is not difficult to find that the rockwool board is not particularly tight, but is distributed in a fibrous shape. This structure makes it have very strong fire resistance and sound insulation, as well as very good compressive and tensile resistance. The raw material of rock wool board is made of basalt or dolomite, processed by centrifugal wire drawing and other processes. It is not only of high stability, but also of national thermal insulation and fireproof materials, which is an indispensable part of the construction process.

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