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Market demand for rockwool

Release time:2023-03-17 10:34:06 source: classification:Press center Secondary browsing

Rock wool is a kind of inorganic material, has strong fire insulation performance. Rock wool has a wide range of uses, such as construction, industry and other industries, can be made of rock wool board, felt, tube and many other kinds according to different uses.

The raw material of rock wool is volcanic rock, which has a high ignition point, high fire resistance, is a non-combustible building material fire protection material, especially in the building external wall insulation application is very wide, to prevent the occurrence of fire to people's life and property safety caused huge loss, huge market demand. And rock wool is a green environmental protection material, in line with the current trend of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, can effectively reduce energy consumption, and carbon emissions, so as to meet the requirements of environmental protection, and make contributions to improving people's living environment. Rockwool as the main fire prevention and energy saving materials, the market demand is very huge, received domestic and foreign attention, rockwool encountered unprecedented development opportunities and challenges, the surge in demand leads to the expansion of the market size, it can be said that the market demand for rock wool is everywhere, but the production enterprises will be mixed, so the state has formulated market standards, can standardize the rock wool industry, Adjust the industrial structure, promote the healthy and orderly development of rock wool industry.

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