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Fireproof black cotton board

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Fire black cotton board is designed for fire grade requirements of higher sites design and production of a dark brown rock wool board, he in addition to the common characteristics of ordinary rock wool board also has a high melting point (> 1150℃), long fire resistance, high temperature shrinkage resistance and other outstanding concerns. Fireproof black cotton board typical application: 1, fireproof black cotton board is used for fire doors, fire shutter and other filling to enhance the fire resistance of the system. 2. It is used for interlayer fire sealing of curtain wall structure to prevent the spread of fire. 3, fire prevention black cotton board used around the door and window openings as a fire shield beam, to avoid the fire to indoor development. 4. High temperature insulation places for industrial boilers and other equipment. 5, other places with high fire rating requirements.

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