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Structure of exterior wall rock wool board

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The system structure of exterior wall rock wool board is mainly composed of: bonding layer, insulation layer, plastering layer, finishing layer and accessories.

Adhesive layer is attributed to the building, is between the bottom layer and the surface layer, the first use of cementing material will be firmly glued together, the main source of its filler and inorganic substances.

In order to avoid and reduce the heat loss of steam turbine to the environment, the thermal insulation layer is laid on the outer surface of steam turbine and pipe. The main filling material is rock cotton fiber and a certain amount of organic matter, water, and adhesive.

The finishing layer should be selected with decorative mortar, decorative mortar and other light functional coating or water-based exterior wall coating with outstanding air permeability, so that the exterior wall rock wool board maintains its light characteristics, but also increases its beauty.

Accessories mainly choose all kinds of paint, on the one hand to increase the surface color of the exterior wall rock wool board, so that it can be applied to any environment and paint can to a certain extent to the effect of flame retardant and heat preservation.

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